We are delighted to introduce you to Working with the Menopause, founded and developed by qualified clinicians in psychological health and employee health and wellbeing. We provide practical solutions to manage the impact of the menopausal transition for women and their workplaces.

Working with the Menopause aims to improve the reproductive wellbeing of women through two services:

  • Self referral for confidential group or individual sessions of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for women
  • Workplace education for all and training for managers and HR

From Aspiration
to Reality.

A truly shared vision and passion to break down barriers,  improve knowledge of the third stage of reproductive health and to deliver solutions that make a difference.
About Us

Our Integrity.

Our CBT work is rooted in unique and specialist experience and is now recommended as part of the NHS NICE treatment guidelines and by the British (and North American) Menopause Society.

Results from the trial of women who used the CBT intervention found reduced severity of some symptoms in 87% of participants and resulted in 37% gaining the confidence to discuss their menopausal transition with their manager.

Our CBT approach has been shown to reduce the impact of hot flushes on daily life as well as reducing the frequency of night sweats.

The sessions also established broader benefits for mood, sleep and quality of life and demonstrated improvements in emotional and physical functioning at follow-up.

Our business services focus on employers creating a safe place to work - whether the menopausal transition is a positive or troublesome time, our professional and open approach normalises this life stage to allow for all individual experiences.

We approach every project with professional integrity, putting the needs of the women and the business at the forefront of our objectives.

Our extensive experience in working with women allows us to advise employers on how to provide menopausal transition-related workplace support and integrate it into the wider equality and diversity agenda.

We are trusted because we deliver practical solutions based on credible evidence to manage the risk of workplace health issues and to assist business outcomes.

Our HR and management training is the first of its kind and was developed using recommended best practice in managing workplace health to support employee wellbeing.

The workplace has been identified as a factor that can influence reproductive wellbeing - we have devised a menopause impact assessment to assist managers to support your employees when needed.

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