The debate is on as to whether the menopause transition should be so openly championed, either positively or negatively. For the 25% of women who suffer debilitating symptoms we need a culture that supports and protects them. Anyone can and should be able to have a menopause conversation if they want to without fear of discrimination and ridicule.

Acknowledging and talking about the menopause need not be difficult, time consuming or costly.

Holding awareness and education sessions to allow this life stage to become part of the physical and mental health and wellbeing conversation is a great place to start.

It encourages women to focus on the lifestyle factors that can make a positive difference and provide information on external resources for further help if needed.

We deliver a range of education sessions for all employees and women only.


As with pregnancy and maternity, managing the menopause is an important aspect of the equality agenda and falls within an employer’s duty of care.
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