Our Story

As with many great beginnings, this journey started over a cup of coffee and a conversation about the lack of positive discussion around this normal midlife event called the menopause and the shortage of knowledge on where to go for help if needed. Women are often unaware of the impact of the menopause on their physical and psychological wellbeing and may not be adequately supported by other health professionals or in the workplace. For puberty and pregnancy information is readily available and women are happy to share their experiences - good and bad. When it comes to the third stage of reproductive health the conversation often stops … and it can become an unspoken and isolating problem.


Our Approach

In response, Emma and Melanie combined their professional skills and experience and established Working with the Menopause, to offer a cognitive behaviour intervention (CBT) for menopause symptoms to women who were unable to access usual medical treatments or who preferred a self-management approach. Alongside, they wanted to deliver  business support to increase knowledge, promote equality and enable a duty of care through workplace education and training.


Meet the Team

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