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Emma Persand

Emma is founder and Director of Lemur Health, a workplace wellbeing company that addresses organisational culture and practices to facilitate engagement and business outcomes and influence positive employee health and wellbeing. She is a qualified nurse and an experienced case manager specialising in the management and prevention of stress in the workforce through policy work, education and employee and management training.

Coinciding with the growing evidence from current research, Emma has seen an increase in cases of work-related stress in women who are suffering symptoms of the menopause transition with little or no support impacting both the individual and the organisation. Combining her expertise in managing workplace health and clinical knowledge of the menopause, she works with companies on a strategic and individual employee level. She delivers management training – introducing the menopause impact assessment – to help identify any issues that can be dealt with proactively and also recommends when occupational health intervention is needed. Emma is a member of the British Menopause Society and the Society of Occupational Medicine. She is one of the first in the UK qualified to deliver a CBT intervention to menopausal women.

Dr Melanie Smith

Melanie is a chartered clinical psychologist who has specialised in physical health since qualifying in 2006. She was CBT lead on the MENOS trials, the first randomised controlled trials of CBT for menopause symptoms for well women and breast cancer patients – contributing to the development of the intervention as well as facilitating CBT groups. This CBT intervention is recommended in the NICE guidelines as well as having been endorsed by the North American Menopause Society.

Using a biopsychosocial approach, Melanie continues to work in a group and individual therapeutic context with women who are going through the menopause transition by helping them to understand the broad range of factors that influence their experience of menopause. Combining her doctoral level clinical psychology training and experience with knowledge of the literature on coping strategies, Melanie works with women to develop their own knowledge and coping skills to enable them to manage the physical symptoms associated with the menopause as well as the psychological aspects of the transition.

Melanie’s experience on the MENOS trials, working alongside Professor Myra Hunter puts her in a unique position to offer training to healthcare professionals and corporate clients about supporting women during menopause using a biopsychosocial framework. She has recently delivered a two-day training package on the intervention to a range of health professionals in conjunction with the British Menopause Society with another planned for 2019.

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